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Hi! I’m Meg.


I design scalable, sustainable, systems-changing solutions.


“If your life’s work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough.”

-Wes Jackson

I’m driven by social good. I’m scrappy. I lead teams and design scalable, sustainable, systems-changing solutions. I’m apparently fond of alliteration. I love thinking big but get equally excited about being in execution mode. I thoroughly enjoy problem-solving ways to make processes and products more efficient and effective. Saying I’m detail oriented is an understatement. I’m uncomfortable with absolutes. I need creativity and exploration in my life. I’m a proud working mom. I believe cross-sector collaboration is imperative in tackling complex societal issues. And I’m fiercely determined to make progress each and every day despite the size of an obstacle (and on the days it seems impossible, I always keep my sense of humor handy for backup).


Client Testimonials

Meg consistently brings an approach to her work that focuses on how to make the biggest impact. By doing this, she’s excellent at her job and helping organizations become better at hitting their missions.
Meg is thoughtful, strategic, innovative & creative. She has an inherent ability to understand a challenge and work through the best way to tackle on needs both big and small.
Meg is a creative, strategic thinker on her feet. I truly appreciate her ability to read the tea leaves, communicate, and provide value to people in need.
Meg is a gem. She’s all the qualities you want in a colleague: strategic, thoughtful, collaborative, and motivated. She’s driven to get things done but is a complete joy to work with throughout the process!