Hi! I'm Meg. I design scalable, sustainable, systems-changing solutions.


"If your life's work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you're not thinking big enough" -Wes Jackson

I'm driven by social good. I'm scrappy. I lead teams and design scalable, sustainable, systems-changing solutions. I'm apparently fond of alliteration. I love thinking big but get equally excited about being in execution mode. I thoroughly enjoy problem-solving ways to make processes and products more efficient and effective. Saying I'm detail-oriented is a slight understatement. I'm uncomfortable with absolutes. I need creativity and exploration in my life. I'm a proud working mom. I believe cross-sector collaboration is imperative in tackling complex social issues. And I'm fiercely determined to make progress each and every day despite the size of an obstacle (and on the days it seems impossible, I always keep my sense of humor handy for backup).  


I consult to and advise nonprofits, mission-driven startups, social entrepreneurs, and corporate social responsibility teams on a range of topics, all focused on building capacity, increasing efficiency, clarifying vision, and driving impact. Specialties include:

  • Strategic planning

  • Program strategy & design

  • Pro bono & volunteer program development

  • Building and strengthening teams

  • Community engagement

  • Theory of Change development

  • Funding strategy

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Event development and facilitation 

Project Sampling


Consultant, HandsOn Twin Cities

HandsOn Twin Cities works to inspire, equip and mobilize people to provide hands on impact to solve the most pressing challenges in our communities.

As a consultant, I am designing and developing a strengthened skills-based and pro bono volunteer and nonprofit experience. 


Director of Impact, Twin Cities Startup Week/Beta.MN

Twin Cities Startup Week (TCSW), designed by Beta.MN which connects entrepreneurs with resources, has grown from 15 events in its inaugural year in 2014 to 150+, showcasing about 500 different business and social entrepreneurs along the way. 

For this year's TCSW in October 2018, Beta has created the Director of Impact role to build out, enhance, promote, and measure its social impact and diversity, equity & inclusion efforts. 


Research Consultant, Oberkotter Foundation/Moon March

Oberkotter Foundation's mission is to empower children who are deaf or hard of hearing to reach their full potential by providing leadership and funding to organizations and initiatives focusing on listening and spoken language.

In partnership with product innovation company, Moon March, led the research for development of new strategy and product to eradicate a critical problem: every year, roughly 4,500 babies who have hearing loss never reach a diagnosis.


Fundraising Consultant, Malama Kaua'i

Malama Kaua’i is a community-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on advocating, educating, and driving action towards a sustainable Kaua’i. 

Provided strategic consulting support regarding fundraising, program design, and logic modeling for their new pilot program, Mahi'ai Technical Assistance, aimed at supporting minority farmers and ranchers. 


Event Director, Hack the Gap

Hacking the diversity gap, one hackathon at a time. The mission of Hack the Gap is to amplify the voices and cultivate talents of underserved people in our community. Hack the Gap is a weekend where all of the women in the community can come together and hack together. 

Provided event planning and facilitation support for the January 2018 event alongside the founder by driving sponsorship, managing volunteers, and fine-tuning event design and facilitation.   


Advisor, Hello Mom

Society’s unrealistic expectations of motherhood can be overwhelming, isolating, and stressful. Hello Mom sends text messages of encouragement and love throughout the unique journey that is motherhood. Without judgement.

Provide advisement on program strategy. 


Program Design, Taproot Foundation

After 15 years, Taproot made a strategic shift to replace their award-winning flagship program. Beginning with the strategic planning process and using a lean and agile approach, I, along with my design partner, developed a new program from soup to nuts that was more flexible, more efficient, and more effective. 

The process encompassed not only the design and implementation of the new program but also an overhaul of their org-wide volunteer recruitment model, the nonprofit and volunteer user design experience, the organization's brand architecture, and internal data tracking and CRM systems, each of which my partner and I also held oversight, so that for the October 2017 launch, the internal teams were ready to drive this program and these new strategies and processes forward as a cohesive team.


“Taproot’s new program was such an amazing gift to [us]. We hit the ground running back in January, and four months later, we have a new strategic plan in hand and a crystal clear vision for the future. What’s more, we have a map for the next 18 months. As an ED who is accustomed to wearing far too many hats, this map was a major shift and the results were immediate.” - Laura Pegram, Executive Director at Kweli Journal

“The new shorter and more flexible program allowed us to craft a Taproot project specifically around the needs of the [organization]… All in all, this new approach allowed us the flexibility we needed to deliver better results more quickly than ever before.” - Rick Fleishman, Taproot pro bono consultant


Meg consistently brings an approach to her work that focuses on how to make the biggest impact, and doesn’t rest on just doing things how they’ve always been done. She’s thoughtful, strategic, innovative, and creative. She has an inherent ability to understand a challenge and work through the best ways to tackle that challenge, on needs big and small. Doing all of this has made her excellent at her job, and helps organizations become better at hitting their missions.
— Adam | Program design partner
I had the opportunity to work with Meg at Taproot. Meg is a creative, strategic thinker on her feet. Our nonprofit went into [a consultation meeting] thinking we needed guidance on fundraising. After a thoughtful discussion, Meg suggested that maybe we needed more help in HR. We agreed, and then she paired us with a rockstar group of HR professionals, who aligned our mission, vision, strategic planning and onboarding to give us a dynamite organizational foundation. I truly appreciate Meg’s ability to read the tea leaves, and communicate and provide value to people in need.
— Dirk | Executive Director at nonprofit client
Meg is a gem. She’s all the qualities you want in a colleague: strategic, thoughtful, collaborative and motivated. She’s driven and gets things done, but is a complete joy to work with throughout the process. She’s unselfish, a true team player and an example of leadership.”
— Ava | Cross-functional colleague
I could not have asked for a better colleague and manager. Meg encouraged me to share my perspective and pursue my ideas, challenged me to think critically about ways to improve our work, and was an absolute joy to work with.
— Christine | Direct report
I worked with Meg on several different projects during her time as a key program professional with the Taproot Foundation in the SF Bay Area. My role was serving as a pro-bono non-profit management consultant working with a variety of Taproot Foundation non-profit clients. I really enjoyed Meg’s efficiency, effective communication style, command of product and process, unfailing support and responsiveness and warm upbeat manner. I would work with her again in the future in a heartbeat.
— Rose | Volunteer pro bono consultant